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Click on the button on the right. Navigate through our massive library of samples. You can browse either according to Category or Colour Palette (or both for maximum freedom of choice!) Click on the "Preview" button to get a feel of how your end result will look like. These samples are only demos and do not represent the final product.
Click the below the design you're in awe of (See right for example.) When you're done making your awesome choice, click on the "Take me to Step 2" button at the bottom of the page.

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After you've selected your design, you will be forwarded to the next page where you will select the package that best fits your need and budget. Make you choice and click on the "Take me to Step 3" button. Nearly done...
On this page you'll fill in all your details. You'll also fill in your desired subdomain name, for example:
www. .mygoogle.co.za. Please provide 2 second choice names, should your first choice not be available. Please make sure that all the details are filled in correctly. After you've submitted this form, you'll be redirected to a "Thank You" page with some general information. An email with all the instructions and debit order form will be forwarded to your provided email address. Please follow all the instructions that will be sent to you via email in order to get your amazing website online!
And that's that for the registration process! We suggest you make the first monthly payment, as according to you package choice, directly into our bank account and fax the deposit slip through to us at 0866 070 WEB (932) with your domain name as reference. This will speed up the whole process in getting you online! As soon as we've received proof of that first payment, you can start emailing us your web content and images to content@mygoogle.co.za.
Should you require e-commerce, a custom design not from our templates or any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us!
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